2013 Was A Bad Year

by Give Back

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Lira Groth
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Lira Groth Great job guys on your second album! Love it !!
Utopia and Lonely nights should be on the radio…. :) Favorite track: Utopia.
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released January 25, 2016

All material written by Give Back

Ryan Walsh - Guitar / Vocals
Erik Groth - Bass / Backing Vocals
JP Walsh - Keys / Backing Vocals
Owen Jones - Drums

featuring beat boxin by Vox Box Beat Box on Tracks 4 & 5

- - - - --- - - - -

Recorded in various basements and a pizza place in North Chicago by Erik Groth

Tracks 1 - 8: Mixed and Mastered by Erik Rasmussen at Observatory Studios, Chicago IL
Tracks 9 - 11: Mixed and Mastered by Erik Groth

Produced by Erik Groth and Ryan Walsh

- - - - --- - - - -

Album cover by Paolo Rosen



all rights reserved


Give Back Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: The Downside of Sanity
There’s a road/ So I’m told/ That can lead us out/ Of the Pit/ That we’re in/ But we’re too damn sane to do something about it/ Something about it/ But I don’t know what that is/ But I don’t know what that is

There’s a way/ So they say/ We can land this plane/ But for now it’s going down/ Unless we go insane/ And do something about it/ Something about it/ But I don’t know what that is/ But I don’t know what that is

Something about it/ Something about it/ I’m gonna find out what that is/ I’m gonna find out what that is
Track Name: Lonely Nights
On lonely nights to feel alright I grab my geetar and a bottle of the best I got/ I’ll clean the fridge out in an hour or two whether I am hungry or I’m not/ I know that facebook’s supposed to bring us all together and to make us feel wanted too/ But I think Zuckerberg’s an asshole for reminding me of all the things I never do/ Oh those lonely nights, well they last so long

And if I’m lucky, find a party where the people all are hammered and they just don’t care/ So I can go and dance alone and not feel pressure to pretend I’m friends with someone there/ And everybody keeps on telling me these four years are the ones that I will always miss/ Well if that’s true then I am fucked because I can’t imagine feeling any worse than this/ Oh those lonely nights, well they last so long

So keep on doing what i’m doing and repeating and construing that I feel alright/ But to be honest I get worried about how I'm gonna live through all these lonely nights/ Three hour session where the whole time I'm just trying to convince her I won't end my life/ Cuz i've been feeling like a fish that's sees a worm and I just really wanna take a bite/ Oh those lonely nights, well they last so long
Track Name: Mentallity
Irrationality/ Living inside this reality/ So long as you’re allowing me, but my mentality is still that I’m a piece of shit and ain't never ever gonna change, no/ So the days go by/ And I wonder why/ I want it so badly but I never try and all these people are, all these people are only bringing me down, yeah

Lying close to me/ You’re supposed to be/ Locks and keys and the peace that supposedly fills this hole with the pieces of soul that have slowly been falling apart/ With the constant pain/ Slowly go insane/ Waiting for some said day when it’s gonna rain and my mentality, my mentality, that ain’t ever gonna change, no
Track Name: Our Beautiful Fucked Up City
Oh lord, if I was a painter/ I would paint this town again/ And I would mix up all the colors/ So I could be with all my friends/ We were young and it was easy/ We didn’t know to feel ashamed/ Then we learned about the past and it got so hard to feel the same

When the stories and the myths become simply what is front of your eyes/ Entwined with your heart and under your fingers/ The goal here is not to change but to understand/ Not to talk but to listen/ Can I say that one more time?/ To listen, God damn it/ We need to listen to each other/ When I see him on the T.V., talking about his dead friend, son, brother, sister, uncle, person he loved, it breaks my heart because no one here knows/ No one knows the pain, the anger, the fear, the rage/ The ways the separate ourselves, the lines we draw/ White, blue, red/ Red lines so now that when I take the red line south I see the colors change like on a vine through the seasons/ The wrigley field ivy/ The neighbor downstairs smoking weed and the conversation upstairs about how the time is now and the fruit ripe, and all we have to do is pluck it off the vine and taste the sweet relief/ So that when I take the red line south, now all I see is a rainbow, and not a poisonous vine, living and dying in the drastic dangerous seasons we call neighborhoods in this beautiful fucked up city
Track Name: Motivational Speakers
Fear and love are just motivational speakers/ Put in our mind for when our wills get weaker/ As we get older and our lives get bleaker/ We need/ Fear and love to remind us that we’re on a mission/ When we tired of the repetition/ And it gets harder to make good decisions/ We need

Chlover/ I’ve got a confession to make/ I wanna do it now/ I wanna make a mistake/ One that won’t make me wait/ Cuz you know, yes you know/ Oh you know that it’s getting late/ Ya it’s getting late
Track Name: Since I've Stopped Talking To God
God is a place in my mind/ One that I’ve left behind/ Since I’ve stopped talking to him/ God is a part of my brain/ One that’s made me insane/ Since I’ve stopped talking to him/ Since I’ve stopped talking to him

And in the place where he used to be/ There’s a mountain range/ There’s a raging sea/ And in that time since we have spoken last/ I’ve been climbing high/ I’ve been sinking fast/ I’ve been sinking fast
Track Name: The Walls We Build
My eye’s on the wall and it’s going to fall/ It’s going to collapse and will capture us all/ The things that we’ve said, well they don’t matter now cuz I don’t hear a sound/ No I don’t hear a sound/ Your eyes are a mask cuz you’re brain isn’t here/ Your face is a weapon that’s used to cause fear/ When our bodies stop destroying our minds, let’s just see what we find/ Let’s just see what we find/ So won’t you try to help me tear down these walls, you try to help me tear down these walls?

The man ain’t the one that’s been bringing us down/ You ask for the answer, who do we fight now?/ You’re lost in the sea now that you have to think/ Now you’re trying to swim/ Now you’re starting to sink/ Come down from your mountain and give us a chance/ You’ll see it’s hard once you learn how to dance/ We’ll break down the walls and you’ll see we’re the same, man you’re playing a game/ You’re just playing a game/ So won’t you try to help me tear down these walls?
Track Name: Utopia
So roam the Earth looking for your point of origin/ The scientists will tell you it exists/ But there still seems to be something that they are missing/ You can’t quite put your finger on/ So search the universe for answers to all your questions/ You made up by yourself/ While in your head you’re building little shelves/ That keep on stacking higher/ For you to put your answers on/ Roam the Earth looking for your Utopian Society/ Roam the Earth looking for your Utopia

So turn the pages of your notebook/ You’ve read before, but/ You read them all again to see if you can find out where and when you were in space and time then/ When you knew just what you should do/ Roam the Earth looking for your Utopian Society/ Roam the Earth looking for your Utopia

So think of all the places you’ve been/ And all the people/ They always seemed to find a reason why they wouldn’t get along/ Guess nowhere’s ever perfect/ We’ll never find Utopia/ But we all still can/ Try/ We all still can try/ We all still can try/ Although we know that we, we will never find Utopia
Track Name: Kerouac's Dreams
Kerouac, he told me/ About the sad american night/ Well I’m about to find out/ Just how sad/ Just how sad it can be/ And what a stupid fucking generation I’m in/ Get drunk and dance to music that’s dumb as sin/ My wasted words as I stumble on/ Through these San Francisco hills/ And if I make it home I will/ I will remember the lessons that I’ve learned/ All the people and the way that my heart burned/ In San Jose my knife was out and ready/ Arm not steady/ That night I dreamed a hurricane hit Chicago/ Pouring rain/ Was falling on these sad and lonely streets/ The same old thing playing out in my head on repeat/ Well I don’t know/ I’m not afraid to say it/ But I’m finding out/ I’m finding out/ All about

Yeah, Kerouac he told me/ About that sad american night/ Well I’m about to find out/ Just how sad/ Just how sad it can be
Track Name: Spirit of the People
Kerouac, are you here?/ Am I you?/ Did you appear/ In drastic circles round my brain?/ The pain, it stains these streets/ Criss-crossed a checkered path with beats/ These checkered beats, they stole my soul/ A close call to never but still I see you in your shady eye reflection/ And I wonder/ Did you ever die?/ Is this moment ever truly over?/ Is time only a feeling?/ And when I finally let myself cry, will you cry with me?/ Hear you running near/ It’s becoming clear/ That this world it won’t make sense, no it won’t appear/ So let me finally say/ With no shame dripping from my lips or heart/ I don't know

Oh yes, but the purest of the people’s energy/ Has been confined to the smallest of circles/ In the cities of runaways and vagrants/ In these cities/ In these circles/ In these ideas and timeless wisdom/ Lies our hope/ Oh but quick-call the cops!/ Call the national guard, lest this love get out of hand and heal this world/ Heal ourselves/ They will rush to repair the dam they’ve built to contain us/ They will use all their money and influence and lies/ But in the end/ Yes, in the end/ The spirit of the people will burst through the dam/ And the love that’s been contained will wash over all the land/ Healing all that it touches/ And the people who had not felt the cool pure beautiful water wash over them for so long will shout/ This is love!/ This is real!/ This is what it feels to be fully alive/ And they will gather their money/ And burn it/ All in one great night of smoke and ashes under a beautiful eternal night sky/ And in the eternal canvas, set above and around us/ The pin prick holes allow the milk of the gods to drip, drip, drip though like a leaky faucet waterfall spilling throughout the universe/ Angst or not/ Something’s coming/ I think something’s coming/ I hope something’s coming/ But to be completely honest with you/ I still have no idea/ And that’s ok/ It’s ok to say it/ It’s ok to say/ I don’t know
Track Name: Feelin Hopeful
For the first time in a while/ For the first time in a while/ I’m feeling hopeful and I can smile

I can feel it rearranging/ I can feel the world a’ changing/ The river’s flowing/ We are time/ It’s rearranging/ I can feel the world a’changing/ Just come with me and don’t ask why/ But you still wonder/ You still wonder/ Yeah you still wonder